The Invictus Method

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The Invictus Way

Our 1:1 custom treatment and coaching program, is the true path to healing chronic disease, Illness & trauma. Envisage attending life without limitation; the schedule of doctor visits, hospital stays, surgeries, invasive tests and harmful pharmaceuticals dissipate and in its place an able body, free of pain, with the confidence to attend and contribute to the things that are important to you. We have the knowledge, the tools and the platform to heal just about anything. You are invited to come and see for yourself.
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Are you sick of being sick?
Sick of the pain?
Sick of pharmaceutical drugs and their side effects?
Sick of the relentless schedule of tests and procedures only to ‘hope it’s done now’!
Are you sick of not being able to show up for life? Missing the beautiful events & pivotal moments because of a body or mind that disallows your attendance?

What if there was another way…

What if, by using sound science, the laws of nature and sense, in its most common form, you could reverse engineer your dis-ease and shift your reality forever.
Here at Invictus, we have been achieving this with people in our space for years now, and finally we can offer it to you.

Mission Statement:

The mission of The Invictus Clinics is in the service of humanity, arresting the degeneration of the human condition, reverse engineering the causal factors of dis-ease, and allowing those in suffering the opportunity to enjoy the fullest experience of life.



The journey starts with a deep dive into the true causal factors of the diagnosed condition. Understanding what these causal factors are and how they got there, becomes a driving force lighting your path to Wellville.

Using our full diagnostic toolkit we conduct a complete review of every system in your body, identifying all present & potential issues, and integrating a targeted approach to address everything on the way through.

At its core physiological makeup, the human body is simply cells (a lot of them), and three major energy flows that move interstitially, interacting with every single cell, these being:

  • Blood
  • Lymph
  • Nerve

Blood feeds them, lymph cleans them, and nerve moves them. Harmony within these three flows yields ‘Health’, whereas disharmony of one or more equates to, what the allopathic community call, ‘Disease’.

The thing that moves the needle between harmony & disharmony of the physiology is chemistry, of which there are only two sides; Acid & Alkaline. One side (Acid) is corrosive and the other (alkaline) isn’t.

Our modality works to restore the many levels of chemical balance to your human form, relieving it of the impactions that suppress it and inspiring the harmony required for regeneration. Utilising the medicines of nature, and targeted protocols, we rebuild tissues at a cellular level.

Rubber hits the road with THE INVICTUS WAY 1:1 Treatment and Coaching Programs

Invictus Method

Take one of our online Courses and invest in your understanding of what it truly takes to heal the human.

The Invictus Way

Embark on your personal journey of reclamation of power, purpose and experience through your health.

“Wellville is place we take all that walk with us.”

About Our Senior Practitioner

Ben is a certified Holistic Medicine Practitioner, with an impressive background in the sciences, specialising in a variety of holistic treatment methods. He treats each patient as a whole, rather than an ‘illness to be defeated’. His treatment protocols work to regenerate his clients at a cellular level, rather than the circus of chasing symptoms. Get in touch with us today to understand the modality of his practice, and start healing your physiological and psychological dis-ease. In Ben’s words; ‘Reclaim your health’.


Real People, with a Real story to tell. Accountability is the glue that ties the commitment to the result. We care about our clients, and we hold ourselves accountable to their progress. Here is what they have to say about us.


The most fundamental difference between the methods of the Invictus Clinic and that of allopathy is the way we view and interpret the physiology of the body.

Conventional medical treatments, to a great degree, are derived from the diagnosis of blood, and the intent focus on treating symptoms. This is a significant limitation to achieving health.

At Invictus Clinics, we take a much broader look at the whole human, in terms of the systems that contribute to true dis-ease, and ultimately the same systems that facilitate true health. We look at the chemistry within the body, consider the environment our clients are exposed to and the mental, or psyche, aspect of each client. All this, as well as pathology, is used to build a specific treatment program, systemically targeted at the causal factors of your dis-ease.

It is not often you see many people leave a hospital happy, or in a state of good health. With Invictus you will find, that even though it does come with its own set of challenges, reclaiming true health with us is largely a fun, uplifting and complete experience.

Allopathy shines in emergency situations, they can bring people back to life, put them back together in the event of trauma or a complete systems failure and they also cater for people currently cultured in conventional medicine. They are wizards in this space. But health, in the true sense of the word, is not their gig, it’s ours.


For more information about Invictus Clinics – our program, treatment methods, staff and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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